Our Garden

This summer has been really hot in Florida. We have barely gotten outside to do any upkeep in the garden. It’s nearing September and I’m looking forward to cooler weather so we can get back outside to enjoy our beautiful Mother Earth.

Recently, I found a beautiful old looking book at a thrift store and when I looked inside it was jackpot!

An unused 10 year Gardener’s Journal for $0.25 cents! Talk about getting excited! Things like this get my energy and imagination going again.

As I read through the gardening tips and saw the garden layout pages, it inspired me to start working in the garden again and to document what’s happening in our garden each year.

So let me begin with a short update on what we call The Lazy Chicken Urban Garden.

V E G G I E S:

We still have some tomato, ground cherries and collards growing, but aside from that, our veggie garden is pretty dead. I’m hoping to soon get my energy together to get out there to clear the beds and start some seeds.

H E R B S:

We still have some herbs going such as Fennel, Rosemary, Parsely, Peppermint, Oregano and Holy Basil.

F R U I T T R E E S:

– The Passion Fruit vine is growing beautifully. I would love for it to completely take over the east fence. We are about 15% there! lol

– The Lemon tree fruited some month ago and we are hoping that in the next few weeks we will have some homegrown lemons 🙂

– One of our Papaya trees is giving plenty of fruit this summer. We must replant the second tree. Initially, we plant it too close to the other one and we think it stunted it’s growth. Seems like trees are as territorial as humans!

– One of the Hibiscus plants had a mayor growth boom this summer and it looks like it’s fruiting again. We have a few others fruiting, but they are very small. Can’t wait to harvest and make delicious hibiscus tea! Packed with vitamin C.

– Our mango tree grew a whole 6 inches this summer. This is one of our favorite fruits. My little boy loves mangos and we are anxiously awaiting to try the fruit from our own tree.

– Our Tamarind tree has flowered for the first time (picture with small yellow flowers). Tamarind is a bitter fruit (some varieties are sweet depending on the soil and nutrients available).

– My vision came true on this one. The Morning Glory vine has completely covered the chicken coop. When my husband built the coop last year, I kept envisioning a vine all over it that would help give the chickens some shade. I’d say I manifested that pretty good 🙂

– Our Banana plants are growing and multiplying like crazy this summer! I have to do more research on them because we’ve only had one give fruit and that was almost 3 years ago.

– We aquired a Guanabana (Soursop) tree about a month ago and we’re still trying to figure out where to plant it since it grows so tall.

– Our Acerola tree has bloomed and fruited several times during the summer, but we apparently have squirels eating them because they’re magically disappearing from the tree! I keep dreaming of harvesting enough to make a refreshing acerola juice, but no luck so far.

Other happenings:

I purchased all my soap making supplies to make goat’s milk soap. I’m excited to get started but I must admit that playing around with lye is what makes me nervous and is holding me back from doing this sooner. I think hubby will have to go through the soap making process with me at least a couple of times until I feel more confident handling lye. I have a bunch of essential oil blends that I can’t wait to use in my soap recipes.

Our chickens are looking beautiful and we’ve added a few new breeds to the flock. I’ll make a separate post to introduce you guys to them. They recently went a whole week without laying eggs and I can’t help but wonder if the eclipse had anything to do with it. So far, we have 13 chickens and one roo that is still not crowing. I’m sure that will be short lived and we will need to find him a home because he will be too loud.

We recently aquired 3 baby duckies! The kids are loving the process of learning about these new animals. They are so cute and funny. I never knew I could laugh so much at watching 3 ducks swim and splish-splash around a baby pool 🙂

Chat back! What do you guys have going on in your gardens?

Share in the comments!

Wishing you many blessings, Michelle

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