First day of our Forest Kids Nature Study Program

As a homeschool mom, I want to make sure that I incorporate nature study into our weeks because I believe it’s supremely important to get kids connected with nature. Luckily for us, we have met several other families in the area that are interested in participating in a weekly nature/outdoor program, so that was the start of TC Forest Kids.

Today was our first meet-up and it was a great success! This is a project that makes my heart happy. You see, I literally feel that it is my calling to help expose the children in our community to the different aspects of nature. I feel, that at the very least, I have to do this by first working with our local homeschool community. Like they say “If you want to enact change, start where you are”. And so our Forest Kids adventure begins. Here’s a little peak at what our first day looked like…

At first, we got a little bit of rain, so the kids played in the playground or close to the gazebo where we took shelter.

Once the rain passed, we headed off to the trail to begin our hike and scavenger hunt. Our group has several families with children of varying ages (my family included). Because of this, some of our moms were carrying/wearing their little’s while hiking. In my opinion, baby/child wearing is the best way to go. I have done some trails with the stroller and it works, but wearing the little’s in a carrier or sling, is less hectic.

As we followed the trail, the kids came across a dead tree stump and they took turns pretending to be captains of a ship.

They climbed on a slanted palm tree.


And to our surprise, we spotted an owl (sorry for blurry pictures). The kids made noises as if they were talking to the owl and the owl “whood” back! It was almost like he was letting us know that he was glad we came to visit 🙂

Parents and kids did a wonderful job at working together to find all the items listed on the scavenger hunt. I think the only item that we didn’t find was the animal tracks, but we got to see an owl. I say that counts and more!



He found “something prickly” 🙂

Some of the kids even found painted rocks left by people in our community that paint and hide rocks to bring happiness to others. This counted as “something to treasure” in our list.


They found “something to treasure”

Once the scavenger hunt/hike was over, we met back at the gazebo for lunch and rest.


I feel extremely blessed to have found other families that love the outdoors as much as we do. What’s even more wonderful is that these meet-ups not only benefit the children, but they also help bond different families together. As the weeks progress, our kids will get to know each other and will form beautiful friendships.

As a parent, I’m also grateful for the friendships that I am making thanks to our group. Lord knows that homeschooling can be lonely and tough at times. But when you find your tribe, it makes all the difference in the world.

If you homeschool and live on the Treasure Coast, we welcome you to join us:

And to everyone that joined us today, I say a BIG thank you! This truly is a dream come true. See ya’ll next week!


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