First Blog!

Wow! So this is what it feels like to write the first blog. Man! This is a bit nerve-wracking! I feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Okay Michelle, get it together! Breathe in, breathe out… here I go!

My family…

IMG_4466Photography by Me’chelle Kent Brooks

As you may know, I am a newlywed and the mother of 5 beautiful children. I married my best friend, CJ, the man that I consider to have been sent from heaven. Yeah, he is amazing! I call him “my angel”. He brings out the best of me and together we have endured some pretty tough times. I love you babe! You are my rock!

1596448_10152540113969196_3961015_oMichelle & Cornelius “CJ”

Our 5 children have drastically diverse personalities and interests. According to them, these are their future professions: Aeronautical Engineer, Meteorologist, Photographer, Make-Up Artist & we gave our little guy, future NBA Basketball player! As you can probably tell, we have 2 girls & 3 boys. 2 of the boys go to public school and I homeschool our girls, and soon the baby. They all love sports- especially soccer! Daddy CJ, has been a soccer coach for over 10 years, so he takes turns coaching one of their teams each season. As a family, we enjoy grilling, outdoor activities and camping. We try to get out there as much as we can.

Things that I enjoy…

Now lets see… I absolutely love exploring and spending time in nature. It grounds me and I find serenity and peace when I’m surrounded by trees or sitting near natural waters. I also enjoy painting, meditating, writing, making arts & crafts with the kids, writing poetry, gardening, cooking for friends & family and homeschooling.

Eventually, I would love to make my grandmother proud and write the book that she’s been begging me to write since I was a little girl. She taught me at a young age to love poetry, how to memorize and recite poems with passion and presence. My grandma and grandpa opened my heart to the beauty of nature and the wisdom found in it.

My beliefs…


As a child, I was raised catholic, but as time has gone by, I have explored different religions and have decided on just following my heart. I am not perfect; I make tons of mistakes everyday, but I live life as best as I can. I am an Earth Mother; meaning that I believe in the Spirit of Mother Nature and I feel a connection with her, more real and genuine and powerful than anything else. She is known by many names, Gaia, Kundalini, Minerva, Shakti. I believe that Mother Nature is our mother. Her spirit can be found in every living thing, including us humans. She protects us, guides us, and nourishes us. We are not separate from her. As women, we experience her & embody her in many ways- during pregnancy, our monthly cycle, the intensity with which we love and the care that we pour over our families… even that spark in our eyes!

I guess I believe in everything and nothing at the same time. I am more spiritual than religious. I believe in the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus Christ. I believe in fairies and angels. I just don’t limit myself to one religion or concept. If the message promotes love and compassion, I’m in; if it promotes fear and hate, I don’t want it in my radar.

In Conclusion…

I’m a pretty opened minded person, I try my best at all that I do and consider myself to be a genuine good soul. Sometimes, when putting my best foot forward, things turn out good and other times I crash and burn! lol…. hey, I’m human.

Well that’s all for now. Stick around and look for FOR BLOG #2 about Our Homeschooling Journey in the next couple of days!

Blessings to all,


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